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Step 1: how to prepare For Your call

Go to your inbox now, look for your confirmation email, and save the call time in your preferred calendar application...
Show up to the call on time, or let us know at least 24 hour before if you need to reschedule...
Watch the video below for a greater understanding of how our process works and why we're so confident it will work for you.

Step 2Explanation and simple demo of using this work

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We have a series of experiences and ascension based direct learning that you can take advantage of, we call this experience "The Awareness Effect Academy".
Our work makes sure that you set a solid foundation of transformational mindset strategies, followed by teaching how to have direct experiences with higher states of consciousness which have an incredible healing effect and enable significant performance gains...
The result? You have the ability to be with any circusmtance from aligned and empowered place, while learning how to regulate your nervous system to feel more safety, well-being, connection, and groudedness as a your normalized state.


While many companies tell you that their results are not typical - we want to let you know that if partcipate and apply this work, even just a few minutes a day - YOUR LIFE WILL ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORM.
This is becuase what we are guiding to is simply your own truth, power, and naturally given abilities to align to universal laws and principles that guide our human experience which most have been conditioned away from.
Once you have a grasp of the practices, you can simply practice intentionally every day or even as you go about your business.  The wonderful thing is as you apply this work, it will simply begin working on you and we have already done all the work to set you up for success by plugging you into a global community of growth seekers just like you.

The best decision...

"Joining you guys is the best decision I have ever made. So grateful to be on this journey and want to thank you with my whole heart for your healing work. It is so needed. I hope one day, with the wisdom I acquire here from your guidance I can spread that same light into this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


The Awareness Effect: Level 2 Client

My life has changed...

"Guy and Ilan are the real deal, I do my daily practices and feel amazing and connect with my Intuitive Mind life has truly changed 100%"


Intuitive Mind Intensive Student

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