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We recommend joining our next live event as a starting point, however, if you want jump into training right away focusing on shifting your Mindset, please let our concierge know so they can guide you towards the best opportunity for you.

The best decision...

"Joining you guys is the best decision I have ever made. So grateful to be on this journey and want to thank you with my whole heart for your healing work. It is so needed. I hope one day, with the wisdom I acquire here from your guidance I can spread that same light into this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Emotional Intelligence: Level 2 Client

My life has changed...

"Guy and Ilan are the real deal, I do my daily practices and feel amazing and connect with my Intuitive Mind life has truly changed 100%"


Intuitive Mind Student


Go to your inbox now and save the call time in your preferred calendar application...
Show up to the call on time, or let us know at least 24 hour before if you need to reschedule...
Have an important area of life that you want to transform right now.


Processes that only deal with ordinary mind, "insight based" mindset work is limited, it lacks to take into account the whole picture...
Because it doesn't focus on the most important thing, subtle sensations, none localized awareness, and energy...
It also doesn't take into account that healing work happens on 3 different levels: self to self, self to other, and self to group.

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