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Get Six 40 Minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions To Help Accelerate Your Growth. Normally $1,999. 

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Hand Picked Coaches by Guy & Ilan: All of our coaches have been with us for many years, have worked with us as personal clients, and have helped people through the Mindset Mastery Curriculum on multiple occasions.
Adept at Transformation: Your coach has shown to be a person in a state of mastery of these distinctions and has been able to apply them to their own life to get tangible results on a regular basis.
Supportive and Caring: We believe the best healing and growth work is done in tandem because reflection is a helpful and necessary part of seeing things in new ways while feeling safe and connected to another person.
Massively Accelerate Growth: Weekly accountability and guidance are fundamental in helping people have significant life-altering breakthroughs - this is for those that are serious about fast tracking their progress.
Personalized For You: These one-on-one coaching calls are distcint from the group coaching call that we included with this program. This is specifically for those that want a deeper experience working with experienced coaches who are trained to help you get the biggest breakthroughs in things you are specifically going to work on.

Everything you need to take your life to the next level. 

We're ready to upgrade your mind, however, we know that challenges and the inevitable ego attach can happen even to the most dedicated and resolved of us. We know that personal guidance and coaching can be the difference for some when making BIG changes in their lives.  We highly recommend you consider getting this guidance to accelerate your inevitable transformation and help you become the impact leader you were born to be with your colleagues, family, and friends!

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