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What is this meditation for?

This meditation is designed to give you a taste of working with higher state awareness and subtle energy practices which unbind the nervous system from the negative experiences that have been formed throughout one's life.  Simply put -- this practice helps to navigate and metabolize the stuck energy in the body that creates discomfort and negative experiences. We recommend doing it for twenty one days in a row, then see what's shifted in your life. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you can see changes.

How do I use this meditation?

All you got to do is listen and follow along with the instructions. 

Once you have experience with this practice you can do it on your own to metabolize, re-organize, and liberate energy from your nervous system at will!  

This will enable your body's intelligence to do it's important work for healing and natural transformation, think of the way we wash our body's regularly so that we don't grow mold, bacteria, and smell bad.  Our energetic body and awareness also needs to cleanse itself and when we don't our "energetic hygeine" or lack there of, can take a huge toll on our mental, energetic, and emotional states.

Listen or Download the meditation:

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