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30 day active healing meditation challenge


What is this meditation designed for?

This meditation is designed to give you a taste of working with higher state awareness and subtle energy to unbind the somatic system from the negative habits that have been formed throughout the heart-body-mind system.  We recommend doing it for seven days in a row, then see what's shifted in your life.

How does the challenge work?

Practice your meditation daily - if you miss a day that's okay, just pick it up again the next day. This is not about you being more critical of self, this is about self discovery, learning a new skill, and more importantly seeing how this new habit transforms the quality of your life, relationships, and health. The challenge officially begins September 1, 2022 and will conclude September 30, 2022 and we'll announce winner on the week of October 3, 2022.

What are the prizes and how do I enter?

It's really quite simple - do your practice and once a week upload a video into the Old Souls & Seekers Group to vulnerably share about your experience with meditation, what you're learning, and what types of shifts (if any) you're experiencing by taking on this meditation.

Please tag all videos with #30DAYCHALLENGE so we can find them easily and our team will scour the videos and choose 3 people to put into a randomizer. 

Two people will get a free ticket to our next live two day intensive event, The Intuitive Mind. And one lucky winner will also get access to our Level 1: The Awareness Effect program for free.  This is a 6 week life-altering curriculum worth in excess of $7,000+ of course work and coaching!

Listen or download these meditation practices:

Meditation #1
meditation #2
meditation #3

Active Healing Meditation

You can use this meditation all the way through the 30 day challenge, it is a complete retraining of your nervous system and how to work with it to downregulate and heal. However, if you'd like to try some other modalities please take a look at Meditation #2 and #3 as alternates.

Increase Alignment and Energy

This meditation is designed to increase liberate energy in the body and widen your  energetic meridian channels.

Grounding Meditation

Feeling stressed and want to calm your worried mind and body? This meditation will teach you how to use non-local awareness to create release and find a state of peaceful, restful, grouded state.

You can also find this meditation on Insight Timer if you prefer to access it via this popular mobile application. Tap here to access it there.

Need support getting unstuck and taking control?

To get more information about how The Awareness Effect works and listen to others who have experienced this high level of activation you can tap here.

If you're ready to set up a free 15-minute call with us to see how we can support and help your transformational growth journey use the button below to get yourself scheduled in.

On this call you will...

Get clear on what's not working, identifying your specific pain points.
Looking at what work you've done (it's okay if you haven't done any).
Offering guidance on next steps, programs, resources, or experiences that can make a massive difference in how you are approaching, perceiving, and experiencing your life every day.
Learn more about the design and facilitation of our transfomative work and you can see and feel into if it's a good fit for you to work with us and vice versa.

Please Read Fully Before Booking:

These clarity calls are specifically designed for leaders, coaches, consultants or for people who want to explore being in our transformative programs. Our intention is to listen to the areas of life you're struggling in and figure out together whether participating in any of our programs would be of a significant assistance to you and the quality of your life. 

Note that mastering any skillset, by its very nature, requires time, resources, and monetary investment to pursue it. Mastering yourself is quite the same, it requires your aspiration, attention, and dedication. If you have no intention of exploring our transformative programs or if you are currently dealing with any mental or emotional trauma that you believe requires professional help, this call may not be for you.

We know that everyone's time is very valuable and we don't want to waste your time nor do we want our teams' time wasted, so please show up for your call as scheduled or reschedule well in advance if you are unable to make that time. 

Lastly, get excited! This is the first steps thousands of people and entrepreneurs have taken before you which has led to significant positive changes in their lives, relationships, and businesses. Together we'll uncover whether participating in any of our programs would be significantly beneficial to you and your goals. By the end of this call you will be informed about our work, our programs, and empowered to make a choice for yourself about participating.

-Guy & Ilan Ferdman

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