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Our Unique 5-Step Modality Takes You From Stuck and Frustrated to Confident and Free

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Are you struggling or suffering in your current circumstances? are you wanting to learn new modalities which help people consistently and predictably grow, transform, or heal?

The Awareness Effect is the culmination of nearly 40 years of combined research, teachings, and in the trenches personal coaching that Guy and Ilan have devised into a simple to follow, simple to implement process that anyone can go through to experience a high level activation of awareness and personal healing.

This is not something that can be taught by reading a book or watching a video, this level of development is taught through gnosis - or direct experience - which alters the foundation of where a human experiences and lives their life from.

We believe that if we don't live it, we don't teach it. Showing up with integrity is non-negotiable for us. Gimmicks and empty inspiration are not authentic or value-driven so they're excluded from of our organization and teachings. We are committed to your growth in the highest way. 

We believe that alleviating the stress and suffering of individuals through our coaching and programs supports a better future of the collective as a whole. The ripple effect of helping people live their best lives in the highest way extends out to their kids, co-workers, family, etc. Our bigger mission is serving the shift of our planet into a higher state of consciousness, compassion, and connection.

while there is no shortcut to personal growth or mastery, it is certainly a shorter distance when we have guidance

Our programs are not just informational, they are direct deep inner experiences which re-align us to our higher self...they may be for you if:

You are a growth seeker, entrepreneur, or coach...
You are dedicated to prioritizing your relationships, abundance, inner growth and ability to heal...
You have or can create the time and money to invest in yourself...
You deeply desire to contribute to yourself and others in positive ways...
You want to expand beyond your comfort zone and explore new boundaries, methodologies, and possibilities to transform your life...
You are open to shifting your paradigm and metaphysical experiences...
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here are just a few examples of stories of incredible transformation our clients & students have experienced applying these practices into their lives

what is a clarity call?

- for those who are ready to take life to a whole new level -

Get clear on what's not working, identifying the pain point.
Looking at what work you've done (it's okay if you haven't done any).
Offering guidance on next steps, programs, resources, or experiences that can make a massive difference in how you are approaching, perceiving, and experiencing your life every day.

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These clarity calls are specifically designed for leaders, coaches, consultants or for people who want to explore being in our transformative programs. Our intention is to listen to the areas of life you're struggling in and figure out together whether participating in any of our programs would be of a significant assistance to you and the quality of your life. 

Note that mastering any skillset, by its very nature, requires time, resources, and monetary investment to pursue it. Mastering yourself is quite the same, it requires your aspiration, attention, and dedication. If you have no intention of exploring our transformative programs or if you are currently dealing with any mental or emotional trauma that you believe requires professional help, this call may not be for you.

We know that everyone's time is very valuable and we don't want to waste your time nor do we want our teams' time wasted, so please show up for your call as scheduled or reschedule well in advance if you are unable to make that time. 

Lastly, get excited! This is the first steps thousands of people and entrepreneurs have taken before you which has led to significant positive changes in their lives, relationships, and businesses. Together we'll uncover whether participating in any of our programs would be significantly beneficial to you and your goals. By the end of this call you will be informed about our work, our programs, and empowered to make a choice for yourself about participating.

-Guy & Ilan Ferdman

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