Congrats! You're In...Welcome to the Satori Prime Comunity! We're Guy & Ilan Ferdman and we've been helping people transform their lives, business, relationships, and mental health for nearly two decades.

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Basic Track: We recommend this for everyone. Tap the Button Below to enter the Old Souls & Seekers Facebook™ group and click on "Join Group" to get access to our global community, guided meditations, and transformative training resources.

Accelerated Track: For coaches, entrepereneurs, and self-improvement enthusiasts ready for a big change NOW and want to transform, shift, and upgrade their mindset, relationships, or career urgently, take the fast track, and book a 1:1 consultation to see how we can support and guide you to a brand new experience of life in the next 7 weeks.

Follow these steps to access the group training:

Check your email inbox for an email with the subject line "Joining the Free Facebook Group (training inside)". We'll share with you our vision and how we can support you.
Look at for your group access shortly, our moderators will approve you as fast as they can.

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