Here Are Your 3 Powerful Resources to Unshackle Your Mindset, Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Reduce Stress & Reset Your Nervous System In The Next 30 Days

Best Investment Ever

"Just wanted to add that joining The Awareness Effect was the best investment I ever made. So grateful to be on this journey and want to thank you from my whole heart for your healing work."

Malwina W.

Location Independent Entrepreneur

Financial Upgrade

Today, less than 30 days ago from investing in myself in the program, I have all the things I so desperately craved back then, like being location independent to travel and having not only the time to pursue what makes me happy but also the financial means to do it.

Reeve S.

Location Independent Entrepreneur

Took The Leap

I took the leap and signed up for Guy & Ilan Ferdman's Awareness Effect and coaching, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

Russ T.

Owner, Dental Scribe & Coach, Expand Performance Coaching

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