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16 Hours To a brand new outlook and experience OF your mindset, performance, relationships, and emotional well-being


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We Want to Help You #HAVEITALL: for the first time in 12 years we're releasing our proven & tested human performance technology (HPT) to the public so anyone can Experience life-altering transformation at Will Without Breaking the Bank! 

PLUS: Get Live weekly 'Tune-up' calls with Guy & Ilan Ferdman every Tuesday. 

Transform Your Life with 12 Life-Altering Modules: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating an Extraordinary Experience of Being Alive!

The Mindset Mastery Immersion Course Includes These Impactful Modules

Module 1

What makes you and your life valuable and how can we use this aspect as an asset for transformation, healing, and performance gains.

Module 2

Overcoming the ego and how to bring yourself back to your original unconditioned form before the 'negative' conditioning began.

Module 3

If you control your thoughts, you control you life. The way to easeful power and self-experession.

Module 4

How to consciously set "the rudder" of your life and move with relentless action towards your dream outcomes.

Module 5

How to go from a fixed mindset, to a growth oriented mindset and why this nearly guarantees more success in every area of your life.

Module 6

Your subconscious mind is wired to stop you and you will not even know you are sabotaging yourself because it all happens faster than a blink of an eye.

Module 7

The negative implications of holding onto your beliefs and viewpoints and why they are sabotaging your ability to transform areas of your life.

Module 8

The most intimate sharing and vulnerability that you've ever heard in your entire life. It will open up new ways of being and connect you to your humanity and all of humanity deeply.

Module 9

How to actively and consciously make your transformation stick so you never have to question whether or not you can do it and that it will work.

Module 10

How to access the deep beliefs and power within you and why people keep themselves small a exploration of liberated full self-expression.

Module 11

What is the design of thinking? Why do we think? And what are its limitations? How to use this exploration to quiet the mind and make it an ally instead of a foe.

Module 12

The power of forgivness and how to watch your inner parts so that they can release, let go, and heal. The easy way to bring yourself to internal healing.

Bonus: Module 13

The art of improving everyday. Acknowledging that COURAGE is not the absence of fear, it’s the acknowledgment that something else is more important.

Bonus: Module 14

Getting complete and stepping into the future of your transformation by creating a game plan for what's next.

About Your Guides & Teachers

Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Meet Guy and Ilan Ferdman, dynamic coaching veterans with a combined 40 years of expertise in transforming lives. Their trailblazing approach to personal evolution and healing has uplifted and enhanced the lives of tens of thousands. Not only individuals, but also large-scale organizations have soared to new heights of productivity, joy, and purpose, all thanks to their guidance ane expertise.

Known collectively as Satori Prime, they have emerged as an invaluable resource for all those looking to ignite unimaginable positive changes in every corner of their life, relationships, and business. 

Want a Fresh Mindset and a Happier Life Starting Now?

Watch Testimonials From Our Clients Who Have Adopted Our "Human Performance Technology (HPT) Into Their Existing Mindset and Emotional Frameworks

Do you ever feel stuck in life?

Sometimes, do you blame yourself when things aren't great?

You're not alone. Many of us feel this way. But the good news? You have the power to change things.

Deep inside you, there's a strong force: your thoughts. Sometimes, these thoughts can hold you back. But we have a way to help you use them for good.


It's a step-by-step guide to help you live a better, happier life.

For 20 years, we've learned the secrets of staying strong and moving forward. With us, you can:

Feel better inside
Stop waiting to start things and think positive
Make your relationships even better
Influence others in a good way
Face your fears and do hard things
Boost your self-confidence
Perform better at work or in your business
Find inner calmness and show the real you
Or Simply enjoy life more

We've worked with many people and groups for 12 years. Those who follow our steps see big, positive changes in their life.

We believe you can change from the inside out.

Our program, "THE MINDSET MASTERY IMMERSION," is your chance to start fresh and see life differently.

Give our program a try and see big changes in just days.

We're sure that after joining us, you'll view life, relationships, and yourself in a new light.

Others paid a lot to join in person. But now, for a short time, we're offering a big discount so more people can benefit.

If you don't find it helpful, you don't pay!

Ready to make a change? Join us now.

Wishing you a bright and new journey,

Guy & Ilan Ferdman - Founders of Satori Prime

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Your Questions Answered

Can this work for anyone?

Yes! We've coached thousands of people and various organizations over the last 12 years. Regardless of your life circumstances or previous attempts to change your life this can work for you as long as you show up and commit to going through the videos. You don't even have to take notes!

What's the methodology used?

Our work is blended with the latest findings of neuroscience, linguistics, psychology, and therapy blended with very specific ancienty wisdom techniques that create a potent experience for our students and clients which nearly guaranteeds breakthroughs in the most important areas of life.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We believe we should only get paid if you get value, hence we have put a 14-day satisfaction guarantee on this program.  If go through the program and you don't get the value you wanted please get a full refund.  We are confident this program will deliver 10x your investment in value.

What is transformational coaching?

Having a coach is a way to create immediate movement, growth, and leverage in your life. Guy and Ilan Ferdman have been studying human development, transformation, and healing practices for a combined 40 years. Through their guidance and expertise you can expedit and accelerate your learning to condence twenty years of life-changingknowledge into a few eye-opening hours.

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