transform your mindset, relationships and career in 7 weeks - guaranteed.

The Awareness Effect is the culmination of nearly 40 years of combined research, teachings, and in-the-trenches personal coaching that Guy and Ilan have devised into a simple-to-follow, simple-to-implement process that anyone can go through to experience a high-level activation of awareness and personal healing.

This is not something that can be taught by reading a book or watching a video, this level of development is taught through gnosis - or direct experience - which alters the foundation of where a human experience, performs, and sources their life or business from.

The Awareness Effect: Level 1 Curriculum is specifically designed as a step-by-step program to deliver on fastER transformation while helping build FOUNDATIONAL habits on-demand.


Full video training including 6 super impactful modules and members area that covers everything you need to know about rapidly changing the way the mind operates, perceives, and experiences life. $2,997 Value
Exclusive live group coaching for SEVEN weeks with one of our senior coaches so you can get personal reflection and accelerate through the inevitable pitfalls people face when doing deep work. $1,997 Value
bonus #1: includes 3 bonus modules that introduce you how to access a higher state of consciousness for deeper healing that people have never even imagined was possible for them. $1,597
BONUS #2: COMPLIMENTARY TICKET TO OUR ONLINE INUITIVE MIND LIVE INTENSIVE EVENT. two days with guy & ilan doing some of the most advanced transformational and healing work possible. $555 value.
BONUS #3: PRIME YOUR ABUNDANCE RECORDINGS: in this training, you will learn how your mindset and energy directly impact your ability to create, receive, and expand your wealth potential with greater ease than you ever imagine. $997 Value
Get access to our Advanced Student Facebook Group so you can connect with a world-wide network of like-minded people focused on their transformation. Ask questions, share, and get support. $297 Value

Incredible Value



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Our Programs Have A 97% Satisfaction Rating And Transformative Results Are Extremely Typical. The Work Simply Works And Is Based On Deeply Researche And Implemented Philosophies and Practices. Simply put, the work works if you work it!

However, If For Any Reason You Are Not Satisfied With This Program Or Your Results We Offer Two Incredible Gurantees: 1) No-Questions-Asked 100% Refund Of Your Entire Investment in The First 14-Days and You Can Still Keep Our Live Event Ticket as Our Thank You Gift For Trying Out Our Program. 2) Lasty, If You Do Our Entire Program and You Still Didn't Get the Result You Came For We'll Keep Coaching You For FREE Until You Get Your Breakthrough. You Literally Have Nothing to Lose!

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