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below are some IMPORTANT resources to get you started with your Transformative training (Including the active healing meditation)

Resoure #1: Learn How This All Works and Who It's For

Resoure #2: Powerful Active Healing Meditation & Higher Consciousness Awareness Training

This meditation is designed to give you a taste of working with higher state awareness and subtle energy to unbind the somatic system from the negative habits that have been formed throughout the heart-body-mind system.  We recommend doing it for twenty-one days in a row, then see what's shifted in your life.

Click the audio player below to stream or dowload the meditation:

You can also stream this and our other meditations on the Insight Timer App.

Resoure #3: Free Weekly Live Coaching Inside The Group & Get a Sense of The Power of This Work From Our Students

Every Tuesday at 2PM EST / 11AM PST- Ilan and Guy Ferdman host a special LIVESTREAM training directly inside the group sharing breakthrough strategies on exactly what works to dramatically enhance your experience of being alive and how to positively impact your relationships, health, and wealth through simple proven practices anyone can learn to increase the quality of their lives.

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Satori Prime is built and run by inspired individuals deeply integrating their own work and helping others to do the same.

Guy Ferdman

Co-Founder & 

Intuitive Transformation Engineer

San Diego, CA

Ilan Ferdman

Co-Founder & 

Psychology, Business, and Leadership Expert

Boca Raton, FL

Tobias Maskell

On-Boarding Specialist 

Kelowna, BC

Corey Rottenbucher

Senior Client Advisor

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Nicci Richards

Senior Client Advisor

Edinberg, UK

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Community Communication Manager

Brooklyn, NY

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Communication & Support Specialist

San Diego, CA