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below are some resources to get you started with your Transformative training (Including the active healing meditation)

What's on this page?

Down below are three important resources...

The first explains exactly what we do here, why it works, and how we've implemented it with thousands of people all over the world -- and of course a simple exercise to open your awareness in a new way.

The second is an active healing meditation you can start today from the comfort of your home that will enable you to start elevating your consciousness into higher states which unlocks the body's natural ability to metabolize and heal stuck energy. It's life changing.

It's our gift to you, if you simply take on this practice for the next 21 days - you will see massive changes begin to take place in your life. Guaranteed!

The third is an invitation to our free weekly coaching inside the group that happens every Tuesday, plus your opportunity to get a sense of the work we do to guide people towards their innate hidden powers to transform, upgrade, and heal via the eyes of our students. It's very inspiring, make sure you watch it.

Resoure #1: Learn How This All Works and Who It's For

The Awareness Effect Academy is the culmination of nearly 40 years of combined research, teachings, and in-the-trenches personal coaching that Guy and Ilan have devised into a simple-to-follow, simple-to-implement process that anyone can go through to discover their innate power.

We want to show you definitively how to optimize your mental and emotional states with greater ease than most imagine is possible.

Suppose you want help upgrading, breaking through, or resolving areas of life around relationships, mindset, health, confidence, or business. You will find our experiential learning programs are priceless and will radically alter your ability to handle challenging circumstances in your life powerfully.

The truth is that our state of being is the foundation from which we experience our lives and is the source of our actions and the results we get from those actions.

Depending on the quality of this energy, we can source "right action or wrong action," and this is often the difference between being disappointed and heartbroken or being elated and aligned with our actions and the results they produce.

Our foundation Level 1: The Awareness Effect program is a life-altering shift in how people think, act, feel and communicate with their relationship to themselves and others.  

92% of people we surveyed say it's one of the most profound experiences of their lives and often wonder why it took them so long to find something like this to support their desire to make a change in areas of their life that they deem most important.

We can all use some help and support to realize our true inner power, yet, our school systems and societies have us externally focused on our circumstances instead of internally focused.

It is this inner world that we crave to bring great peace and healing to our experience. When we do, the changes to our outer reality are immediately noticeable as we stop looping in our old patterns and begin establishing new ways of being and acting that seemed previously impossible to us.

When you master this inner world, you will find that every aspect of your outer world becomes less challenging, more fluid, and significantly easier to tackle - even in the face of great difficulties.

This is the essence of true power and absolute confidence, when we no longer fear what tomorrow will bring and instead know ourselves as strong-minded, emotionally resilient, and fluid.  

Neuroscience has documented that 95% of our daily thoughts aren't new. They loop over and over again and cause a 're-traumatization' experience that makes us feel stuck and like we are unable to make any significant changes to our behavior, thoughts, or feelings.

To be blunt, this is simply caused by our conditioning and the lack of experiential educational experiences that we were taught as children, which rarely, if ever, spoke of how to navigate our inner awareness, energy, focus, or state of being.

This is not your fault! 

It is simply a lack of education and experience. Every study in neurology has proven that our minds are "plastic". 

Meaning, that our minds are flexible and are able to change rapidly when we can bring the proper awareness and practices into our lives which enables our body-mind connection to quickly and naturally repair, change, and transform.

Here's the thing, though...

This is not something that can be taught by reading a book or watching a Youtube video. This level of development is taught through gnosis - or directly experiencing - which alters the foundation of where human experiences and lives their life from.

If you take a step back and realize that anything you are great at or have mastered in your life was based on your ability to know which practices to do regularly to become masterful at your craft.

Think of music, sports, cooking, art, or your career.

You invested time and resources to practice, fail, and hone your craft over time. Mastering the inner self is exactly the same.

It requires the right practice, and the results are that you can become a master of the inner self.

They say practice makes perfect, but this is not true. The right practice will make you perfect! The wrong practice will build bad habits.

Many of us simply were conditioned with bad habits because of our society, family life, schools, and cultures. 

While we may feel the need to "blame" our culture or families, but the reality is that almost no one has had access to this type of self-mastery education, and so these bad habits are simply being passed down from one generation to the next with the assumption that this is "the way it's supposed to be done."

Hence we have a world and people that feel disconnected, unhappy, and trying to deal with their anxiety and stress through the overuse of pharmacology.

We're at a pivotal juncture where cutting-edge sciences and ancient spiritual and energetic teachings have come together and verified that with simple practices and mindfulness distinctions, we can make significant changes in our behavior, thoughts, and feelings towards ourselves and others.

There's no time in history and no opportunity to transform ourselves, and our planet like there is now.

The power to become fully realized and aware has always lived within each of us, and it has been our life's journey and passion to uncover these tools so we can come to our realization while also having an incredible passion for sharing the profound nature of this work with thousands of people all over the world who have greatly benefited from these teachings.

Our Level 1: The Awareness Effect program is a 6-week reboot for the way you think, feel, act, and communicate with yourself and others. 

 It will change the very foundation from which you live your life, and it's nearly guaranteed to work as long as you go through the training and show up to your live group coaching sessions. 

These group sessions are pivotal, so we can give you small pointers on how to use your newfound awareness and practices to maximize their benefit.

We've taken thousands of people through this and similar practices, and we're beyond confident it will work for you. 

It will help you find that inner will and strength to completely transform your life, relationships, business, and much more in ways you never imagined possible.

This is the start of opening up doors you long forgot you closed and inviting waves of new possibilities into your life.

Human development is a map, and when you understand and follow this map that we have perfected over the last two decades, you will be shocked at your improved human experience as an increased sense of peace, well-being, and self-expression becomes your norm.

Life really can be beautiful, and to make it so we have to clean up and organize our inner world to give it the space it needs to grow and flourish.

All humans have infinite potential unless we close ourselves, get resigned, and become apathetic to how we are, how "they" are, and how the world is.

There is no one way to be a human.

This is your moment! 

Your moment of truth. 

The moment to choose.

Your moment to take decisive action and do something to alter the way it's been going.

You already know the path you're on..don't you?

The thoughts and feelings have been on repeat for a LONG time, probably about as long back as you can remember. 

As we ask our students, "Is what you're feeling or thinking right now new?" 

The answer is almost certainly, "NO"... so it's up to you to recognize that...

If you don't intervene on your own behalf, chances are things will continue to be "okay," but they probably won't be extraordinary. 

Personally, I'm not okay with things or relationships just being "fine or okay" - life can be so much more and deep inside you know that this is true.

You know that you are meant for greater things.

You feel a deep resonance, and you want to share, express, and serve humanity - to feel needed and useful.

To uncover and reveal your true purpose and live a life filled with possibility.

We're ready to guide you and advocate for you so that this critical transformational intervention can take place and you can begin cultivating the life of your dreams.

It has been our experience that most people are living their life as if they are "practicing" for their real life, not realizing that every moment that passes by is that real life passing them by.

The one-day, some-day crowd is always waiting for something great to happen, which rarely does for them. 

This crowd already has one foot in the grave, and they are just waiting for their turn to die, living a life of resignation and apathy. thinking that this is "just the way it is".

There is so much more potential in you, and you know it. It's time to let the past be in the past and move forward into a clear new bright future.

This is your great work; this is your moment!

So - are you ready to take this important step?

I know staring into the abyss can be daunting at times; we're unsure if this will work for us, and we don't want to get our hopes up in case we end up disappointed and with our tender heart broken again.

We get it. We've been there many times.

And I can tell you for a fact, as people who have invested 20 years and over a million dollars in personal, spiritual, and performance-based education - nothing happens until you take a leap of faith and intuitively take action toward your aspirations and goals.

For those brave few that do, a life of unimaginable possibility awaits.

To get enrolled, save BIG, and unlock some incredible bonuses -- contact your Satori Prime Support Rep immediately and tell them that you're ready to register and they'll show you how you can save $500 when you sign up - but don't wait this opportunity is only available for a limited time.

They can walk you through the process, let you know about the valuable bonuses and help you get your payment in so that the enrollment process is complete and we can get you into the transformative experience right away.

Are you ready?

Let's go!

In loving service to your incredible life journey,

Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Resoure #2: Powerful Active Healing Meditation & Higher Consciousness Awareness Training

This meditation is designed to give you a taste of working with higher state awareness and subtle energy to unbind the somatic system from the negative habits that have been formed throughout the heart-body-mind system.  We recommend doing it for twenty-one days in a row, then see what's shifted in your life.

Click the audio player below to stream or dowload the meditation:

You can also stream this and our other meditations on the Insight Timer App.

Resoure #3: Free Weekly Live Coaching Inside The Group & Get a Sense of The Power of This Work From Our Students 

Every Tuesday at 2PM EST / 11AM PST- Ilan and Guy Ferdman host a special LIVESTREAM training directly inside the group sharing breakthrough strategies on exactly what works to dramatically enhance your experience of being alive and how to positively impact your relationships, health, and wealth through simple proven practices anyone can learn to increase the quality of their lives.

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