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Who We Are In a Few Short Words

We're tagging you in this post because you answered "YES!" on your way into the Old Souls & Seekers Group to learn more about how we provide access to life-altering transformative personal growth experiences for students & clients.


Ilan and I have honed our own practice for a combined 40 years and have trained tens of thousands of people and organizations to unleash their success potential, support their inner- healing, and dramatically transform their lives!


We call our process "The Awareness Effect" and depending on the type of work an individual has done (it's okay if you haven't done any) we absolutely know that doing this work will be a complete revolution for you in how you approach and live your life.


As in any practice or journey of mastery the most important thing is having a super solid foundation and while we have varied levels performance and healing based practices we have found that it’s CRITICAL that someone lay a foundation from which to build upon so when they step into higher states of consciousness they can feel stabalized through thor transformational experience.


As such in order to participate in our work, everyone who wants to learn with us is advised to first undertake our Mindset Mastery: Level 1 program before doing anything else.


The program was  designed from the ground up to substantially overdeliver and to be within financial reach of just about anyone who has the desire to participate, grow, and is coachable.


We designed it as a six week experience that uses profound distinctions and ontological practices that allow the client to undergo a significant shift in the way they use their mind and also how they perceive and shape their reality.


It underscores our innate human ability to shift our reality quickly, empower ourselves, enhance our communication strategies, and massively increase our potential and positive manifesting abilities.


The curriculum is broken down like this:

Six Modules of Ontologically Based Distinction Work w/ Guy & Ilan

3 Recroded Bonus Training on Emotional Intelligence and Healing w/ Guy & Ilan
Six LIVE Group Coaching Calls w/ Our Most Training Coaches
Bonus Recordings of Our Have It All Live Event 
Bonus Free Ticket to Our Next Two Day Intuitive Mind Intensive (Online) w/ Guy & Ilan ferdman

We are currently accepting applications for the our Mind Mastery: Level 1 program!

Your next step is to complete your application and hop on a quick 15-minute clarity call with our team so we can see if it’s a good fit for you. 


Our clients overwhelmingly report positive and lasting changes in these important areas of life:

Overcoming self-sabotage or self-loathing...
A substantial decrease or complete freedom from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed...
A greater ability to be a leader in life, family, or business...
Increased confidence, clarity, and more fulfillment
Experiencing sustainable peace...
Ability to make a positive impact and influence others...
Releasing past trauma and freedom from negative habits...
Increasing self-worth and personal alignment...
A breakthrough in financial stability and fulfillment...
Increased self-expression and ability to influence others...
Breaking through mental plateaus..
And much more...

We welcome you to ask questions about our methodology and our team can easily help you locate your next biggest opportunity for growth.

If appropriate, we'll walk you through the path most of our students have taken in order to systematically attain a high level of awareness, transformation, and ongoing healing experiences. 

Our vision is to create a revolution in the way people approach their personal growth, healing, and transformational work...

....so it DRAMATICALLY IMPACTS the world and the lives of their most important relationships, clients, and communities in a meaningful, global shifting, and measurable way.

So if you're ready and you don't want to wait for our team to reach out to you, tap below to book your call now:

If you're ready to really go for your dreams and accelerate your growth, we're here to support your vision and your journey!

In service,

Guy and Ilan Ferdman

Co-Founders of Satori Prime

Hosts of Old Souls and Seekers Group

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

The Awareness Effect is the culmination of nearly 40 years of combined research, teachings, and in the trenches personal coaching that Guy and Ilan have devised into a simple to follow, simple to implement process that anyone can go through to experience a high level activation of awareness and personal healing.

This is not something that can be taught by reading a book or watching a video, this level of development is taught through gnosis - or direct experience - which alters the foundation of where a human experiences and lives their life from.

We believe that if we don't live it, we don't teach it. Showing up with integrity is non-negotiable for us. Gimmicks and empty inspiration are not authentic or value-driven so they're excluded from of our organization and teachings. We are committed to your growth in the highest way. 

We believe that alleviating the stress and suffering of individuals through our coaching and programs supports a better future of the collective as a whole. The ripple effect of helping people live their best lives in the highest way extends out to their kids, co-workers, family, etc. Our bigger mission is serving the shift of our planet into a higher state of consciousness, compassion, and connection.


Get clear on what's not working, identifying the pain point.
Looking at what work you've done (it's okay if you haven't done any).
Offering guidance on next steps, programs, resources, or experiences that can make a massive difference in how you are approaching, perceiving, and experiencing your life every day.

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Satori Prime is built and run by inspired individuals deeply integrating their own work and helping others to do the same.

Guy Ferdman

Co-Founder and Intuitive Guide

San Diego, CA

Ilan Ferdman

Co-Founder and Psychology Expert

Boca Raton, FL

Nicci Richards

Senior Concierge & Senior Coach

Edinberg, UK

Corey Rottenbucher

Senior Concierge & Coach

Kelowna, British Columbia

Jamin Ramirez

Communication Manager

Brooklyn, NY